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Humza Yousaf should heed the fate of no-compromise Theresa May

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  • First published on: 31st Mar 2023

To the victor the spoils.  Humza Yousaf won, and he has decided to fashion a government of his supporters, vanquishing the losers and their supporters to the backbenches, notwithstanding the loss from government of some of the SNP’s best talents in Holyrood. Of course, that is his right, and it may well turn out to be the best thing for him to have done. Time will tell. However, there is a lesson from recent history that when, after a divisive campaign, you are on the winning side with a win as narrow as 52%/48%, the best thing to do is to reach out and take some at least of the losing side with you.

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SNP should have done more to leverage power on Brexit

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  • First published on: 24th Mar 2023

Yesterday, I participated in a webinar to mark the publication of a book called The Parliamentary Battle Over Brexit And The Constitution. The book charts the fierce arguments that took place over the role of the UK’s political institutions and asks whether what happened demonstrated fundamental flaws in the UK constitution and whether there were ways that things could have been handled better. It also ponders whether lasting political damage has been caused by the tensions that occurred. If you watched Boris Johnson squirming and squealing over his partygate lies in front of the privileges committee on Wednesday afternoon, I suspect you will agree with me that the answer to that last question is obvious.

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It's not just 'lefty lawyers' calling out the Tory asylum bill

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  • First published on: 17th Mar 2023

Politicians who frame policy and make laws based on prejudice or preconception often come unstuck. Evidence-based policy-making matters. There are many things wrong with the Tories’ Illegal Migration Bill. Last week, I wrote about how it will breach the European Convention on Human Rights and the Refugee Convention.

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Gary Lineker wasn't far off the mark with his attacks on the Tories

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  • First published on: 10th Mar 2023

Universal Human Rights are under attack in the UK like never before. The Illegal Migration Bill introduced by Suella Braverman in the Commons this week breaches the UK’s obligations under the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR). There can be no question about that. Indeed, it is designed to do so. That’s the whole point.  

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Debate is good for us and SNP members remain optimistic for the future

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  • First published on: 03rd Mar 2023

It has been good to see the SNP leadership election knuckle down to some serious discussion of policy and strategy after the nastiness of the first week of the campaign. The first lot of hustings were a credit to the party and all three candidates. I am delighted Kate Forbes has remained in the race. Resilience is a quality which our next FM and leader will need, and Kate has certainly shown she has it in spades.

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