Urgent Question on Windrush

Returning to Parliament this week was an opportunity to hold the UK Government to account for a number of disgraceful revelations about the extent of the Windrush scandal, and I spoke in response to an Urgent Question on Windrush in the House of Commons today

Over the summer, we learned that some Windrush citizens died before they could be repatriated, that the private company responsible for removing Windrush citizens operated on the basis of incentives for exceeding its removal targets, and that the Home Office may be withholding crucial evidence from a Joint Committee on Human Rights inquiry into the wrongful detentions and deportations of Windrush citizens.

I asked the Minister for Immigration, Caroline Nokes, to explain why the Home Secretary and the Prime Minister still refuse to make a full and proper apology to all the victims of this appalling episode. I also renewed the SNP’s demand for a thorough revisiting of the “hostile environment” policy that led to the Windrush scandal – and may yet lead to others.

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