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Celebrating care for people living with Brittle Bones

This week, I joined with clinicians and disabled people living with Brittle Bones and associated conditions to celebrate the wonderful care given by NHS specialist centres to children with the condition across the UK.

I attended a parliamentary reception on 6th June where I had the opportunity to meet people with Brittle Bones, representatives from specialist clinics involved in research and treatment, and campaigners who have worked tirelessly to raise awareness and provide support for people living with the condition. At the reception, I congratulated the Brittle Bone society on its 50th anniversary and applauded those NHS specialist services which had been presented with awards to celebrate the difference their service is making to children’s lives.

The Brittle Bone Society is a charity which is at the forefront of making sure the voices of children and adults with the condition are heard. I was delighted to be a part of this Dundee-based charity’s 50th anniversary celebrations, and I look forward to continuing to support them as they fight to ensure people with the condition are enabled to live a busy and fulfilling life and realise their potential.

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