The week that Westminster paved the way to reject a Brexit deal

As Westminster returns briefly after the summer break before rising again for the three-week conference recess, the only show in town is Brexit. Yet apart from a statement by Brexit secretary Dominic Raab on the first day back, PMQs and rather a lacklustre and poorly attended debate on the Monday of the second week, not much has happened on the floor of the House.

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Tasting Change Community Market Day

I paid a lovely visit to Westside Plaza for the Tasting Change Community Market Day this weekend. It was great to see so many people from the community getting involved and trying some of the delicious, healthy food on offer.

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Urgent Question on Windrush

Returning to Parliament this week was an opportunity to hold the UK Government to account for a number of disgraceful revelations about the extent of the Windrush scandal, and I spoke in response to an Urgent Question on Windrush in the House of Commons today.

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Urgent Question on HMP Birmingham

I spoke in the House of Commons in response to an urgent question on HMP Birmingham after the UK Government announced it would be taking over the prison from G4S, under the management of which the prison had deteriorated to the point of being branded “the worst prison in Britain”.

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