Joanna Cherry QC MP

Joanna Cherry MP Edinburgh South West

Joanna Cherry MP is the Justice and Home Affairs spokesperson for the SNP at Westminster. Joanna has been a leading voice in the campaign to keep the Human Rights Act and to stay in the European Convention of Human Rights. Her maiden speech was devoted to the importance of human rights and Shami Chakrabarti, the former director of Liberty, chose to quote her speech in the introduction to the paperback edition of her book “On Liberty.”

Joanna is a member of the Exiting EU Select Committee in the House of Commons.

Before entering Parliament Joanna had been in practice as an Advocate for about 20 years. She became a QC in 2009 and is ranked by the Legal 500 as one of the leading QCs in Scotland. She previously held the offices of Standing Junior Counsel to the Scottish Government and Advocate Depute and was one of the first specialist sex crimes prosecutors in the Crown Office’s pioneering National Sex Crimes Unit. She has appeared at the UK Supreme Court on a number of occasions, including twice on behalf of the Lord Advocate.

Joanna co-authored the textbook “Mental Health and Scots Law in Practice’. Joanna has been a member of the SNP since 2008 and is a long term supporter of independence and home rule. During the Referendum she campainged in Edinburgh and co-founded and led “Lawyers for Yes”, a group of around 200 lawyers who had a high profile during the campaign.

My Team

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Fraser Thompson

Chief of Staff

Fraser deals with all parliamentry matters, press and media enquiries and staff managment.

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Alisdair Grahame

Senior Case Worker

Alisdair is a senior case worker, assisting constituents with all aspects of benefits, immigration and other conscerns.

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George Bruce

Senior Case Worker

George is a parliamentry assistant, he deals with a range of cases on behalf of constituents including complaints, fuel poverty and planning issues.

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Sarah Thompson

Constuency Engagment Manager

Sarah manages my engagement in the constituency and maintains links with local groups and charities.

Andrew Dickie

Parliamentary Assistant

Andrew is a parliamentry assistant, he deals with a range of cases on behalf of consituents including visa and immigration issues, employment rights and mental welfare.